Mabel’s Labels

From mompreneurs to multimillion $$ success

From basement start-up to an award-winning, celebrity-endorsed company, Mabel’s Labels is the leading provider of labels for the stuff kids lose!® Founded in 2003 by four moms, the company creates and sells extremely durable dishwasher/laundry and microwave-safe labels, personalized with a child’s name, choice of colours and icon.

Skilled at consumer media and online promotion, Mabel’s suddenly recognized the need for a specialist when they won shelf-space on the world’s largest retail shelves at Walmart. Co-founder Tricia Mumby reached out to CAROUSE for counsel with an urgent request — help maximize business media buzz when their custom label product arrived in stores across Canada 10 days later.

CAROUSE created media collateral, compelling pitches and sent labels to key media as part of getting the word out. Not wanting to exclude the broad Quebec market, CAROUSE translated the media release and pitched the story to key francophone news outlets as well.

Feature articles appeared in the Toronto Star, Hamilton Spectator and across Canada as the story was picked up. A full-page feature on in Macleans Magazine capped off the campaign. Momentum was sustained with a bylined article targeting small businesses (a lot of whom are owned by moms) in the Globe and Mail’s small business section.