Iconic Elements

Entrepreneur Jamie Podovinnikoff left a secure job at Proctor and Gamble to start his own company, Garagescapes – designing high-end “man caves” or those buildings otherwise known as vehicle garages.

In creating fixtures for the uber-garages he partnered with metal specialist Jason Hardy to extend his vision into metal architecture and custom metal fabrication. He named the company Iconic Elements and wanted people to know about it.

CAROUSE worked with Iconic’s inhouse team to create a compelling story and key differentiators for each of the Iconic sub brands, carefully crafting the message to be as compelling as possible to each of Iconic’s vastly different audiences.

Capturing Iconic’s unique story and positioning in a specially-designed Media Playbook, CAROUSE arranged feature media interviews while also creating copy and content for the Iconic Elements site.

  • Date:Aug 2012
Iconic Elements