Global awareness = global growth

Intelex’s beginnings are rooted in the aftermath of the 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy, when the loss of thousands of lives underscored the need for Union Carbide to develop a proactive, streamlined environment, health and safety management. With paper-based system insufficient for the volume of sites and complexity of operations, the company called on Canadian software pioneer and Intelex founder Ted Grunau to develop the world’s first streamlined EHS software.

Over the next two decades, Intelex became a global leader in the development of EHS and Quality (EHSQ) software. Every day, Intelex’s electronic, web-based systems help businesses around the globe ensure the highest standard of health, safety and environmental conditions for their employees by streamlining and integrating EHSQ data.

When the company’s young CEO Mark Jaine wanted to increase the profile of company ahead of a major new launch of its platform, they called on CAROUSE to build a “message playbook” to capture the key features of the Intelex story. Armed with a range of global case studies, CAROUSE reached out to North America media in more than 22 industries to get the message out. Also critical to the fast-growing company needing to scale was awareness in Canada of it being a great place to work. Articles in ITWorld Canada and ITinCanada created key audiences to help the company attract and retain talent to feed its HR efforts.