Pug Pharm’s Picnic™

Gamifying the world

Vancouver-based Pug Pharm is a talented “David” amongst many “Goliaths” in one of the hottest new areas of marketing — gamification — where elements of video games are used to engage consumer with fun diversions. But company founder Steve Bocska, a gaming veteran, felt that “points and badges” systems offered by larger competitors were selling brands short with their basic game play, and in fact threatening to backfire when users quickly felt manipulated.

His dynamic and scalable engagement platform — Picnic™ — provides developers a way to cross the ‘loyalty chasm’ and move beyond simple interactions by creating communities that are more involved, committed, and loyal. Drawing on its strong agency network, CAROUSE introduced Steve to some of Toronto’s top agencies as part of its first foray into Eastern Canada. At the same time, Steve stopped by the National Post and Globe and Mail to plant the seeds for upcoming feature stories, including one in ITinCanada. He’s gone on to have bylines in key industry publications and blogs, and Pug Pharm was named a Top 25 startup by the BC Innovation Council.