Key Services

Key Services

It seems easier than ever for a company to communicate with customers and prospects. The relative simplicity of new social media applications makes it seem effortless to get the word out. But without a properly defined story and communications strategy it’s actually harder than ever for a company’s voice to break through the noise. Properly defining and articulating your company’s unique story from the outset is as critical as choosing the right channels to connect with your target audience. CAROUSE tailors each element of your marketing campaign to use the most effective channel with a simple, proven two-phase process, that first defines and creates the story, before driving your brand messages through those channels that best connect with your audience.

Strategic Messaging and Issues Management Counsel

CAROUSE uses a two-phase approach to ensure the brand’s story is properly defined before connecting with media.

Phase One (Takes about a month) – Creating the Story – Key message development, media list development, media collateral development, and media coaching ahead of phase two media campaign.

 Phase Two (Brand launch onward) Telling the Story  – Deepening the media presence of Canadian spokespeople and products with key media influencers, development of a news bureau of ongoing media-friendly content and pitches to support product launches and other activation events, along with bylines and thought leadership pieces in media serving target audiences.

  • Conduct Brand/Communications audit of your existing marketing materials and messaging channels (including website/blog)
  • Develop key messages and a Media Playbook based on communications audit and brand messaging session with your key marketing stakeholders
  • Identify and prepare lead spokesperson (and any other identified team members) to effectively manage media interviews
  • Develop core media collateral and media lists to use in both proactive and reactive media relations

With the media-messaging platform in place, we’re primed for a second phase campaign focused on generating ongoing awareness of your company story and branded offerings through earned media by targeting traditional and online media with tailored pitches.

Media Blitz/News Bureau

CAROUSE leverages the media collateral developed in Phase One to secure news coverage, feature articles and mentions. The News Bureau support activation events and product launches, as well as providing a continuous flow of proactive media pitches to build and sustain an ongoing conversation with your target media such as key editors, bloggers and traditional magazines that cover your industry.

CAROUSE media specialists work with their extensive media contacts to secure opportunities for you to increase your profile with regular commentary. We keep up-to-date with weekly conference calls to provide results and discuss the status of various projects and any upcoming announcements. During these 30-minute calls we’ll provide strategic counsel related to overall marketing direction, online/social media presence, and public relations strategy.

Bylined Articles
Many North American trade publications and online news sites are short of staff and are looking for ready-made content to “plug and play” in their pages. CAROUSE will develop a list of publications that accept bylined articles and work with you and your subject matter experts to repurpose bylines tailored to the each target market or draft a byline focused on a quarterly topic.  CAROUSE will draft, finalize and place the byline by targeting relevant traditional and online publications.

 Event Support

CAROUSE supports events already planned, as well as identifying potential tradeshow, speaking, and sponsorship opportunities in the future. This includes providing ongoing updates of upcoming opportunities and a recommendation on whether or not to participate.  CAROUSE will broker interviews with media attending events and support all interviews.


Media Relations campaign planning and execution

Key messages that communicate your company’s key differentiators, along with its broader value proposition to target clients will be integral to the success of the communications strategy, while serving as the building blocks for a longer term brand positioning campaign.

As a next step following the communications audit, CAROUSE develops a Message Playbook that serves as a foundation for all engagement with media and stakeholders. As part of fast-tracking this effort, CAROUSE leverages existing research and brand positioning conducted during the audit to ensure alignment with all of your marketing campaigns.

These messages target specific audiences and include:

  • An “elevator pitch” and vision pillars (describes your company’s value proposition to various audiences)
  • An umbrella message (a comprehensive message that provides the key differentiators and credibility points exclusive and relevant to your offer to prospects)
  • A Media Question and Answer document that serves as a “playbook” for all media interviews

Social media strategy and online community building

Brand storytelling is about constructing a compelling, authentic story then distributing it across traditional and online media properties that best resonate with your target audiences. If people hear a message from traditional media, they are less inclined to believe it than they once were. If it comes from social media only, they may be skeptical. But when they hear it from different sources and different channels that they rely on to make purchasing decisions, it becomes more credible and a deeper part of their lives.

We work with each of your brand owners to review social media channels and activities and assist with expanding your presence with online influencers relevant to key target audiences.

Web presence optimization and content marketing

As social media and search engine optimization become critical elements of keeping a brand on the first page of search results, it is critical that your company’s web presence is tightly aligned with each of your brand stories and audiences. A compelling website is merely the starting point for building and sustaining a competitive online brand presence.

CAROUSE will work with you to ensure your main site, as well as supporting affiliate or microsites, are part of an ongoing web presence optimization program that includes an SEO strategy that ensures your company services and products can be found, explored — and even purchased — wherever target audiences may be.